To enable the integration of Civitfun with Cloudbeds, simply purchase this add-on from the marketplace and go to the PMS section of the Civitfun backoffice configuration section. To activate the integration of Civitfun with Cloudbeds, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Register your hotel in Civitfun

  2. Sign in to your account
    • After confirming the e-mail, you will be redirected to the following URL where you can configure all the features in the Dashboard
  3. Purchase the Cloudbeds Addon
    • Go to the "Marketplaces" section where you will be able to purchase the Cloudbeds Addon, which will let you integrate the Civitfun platforms with Cloudbeds.
      1. View Cloudbeds Addon
      2. Add to cart
      3. Select the hotels where the Addon will be applied
      4. Check out
      5. Enter the information in the Stripe payment system
  4. Configuration
  5. When you create a new account at Civitfun, a "Demo Hotel" is created where you can edit and configure all your hotel information as well as the features you wish to offer.
    1. Select the "Demo Hotel".
    2. Go to the configuration section.
    3. Basic configuration.
      • The language in which your guests will be able to access the tool
      • Edit the hotel name
      • Create the features you wish to offer: Check-in, activities/services.
    4. Advanced Configuration
      1. Check-in: You can configure the online check-in you wish to offer:
        • Settings: The process requirements and return website are defined in this section.
          1. Process requirements: The number of documents that need to be completed during the check-in process can be defined here. You may also specify the number of guests who have to sign the contract and the number of signatures required.
          2. Return website: Once the guest completes the check-in process, they will be redirected to your website.
          • Legal Texts: All texts must be completed.
            1. Hotel Terms and Conditions: The guest can read and sign them during the process
            2. Entry Report: This field only needs to be completed in some countries. It must be included if you are in one of those countries. The guest will also sign it during the online check-in process.
            3. Data Privacy Policy: Guests must be informed about how the hotel treats their data. This document will not be signed but can be accepted by guests when completing the first form in the process.
          • PMS: Civitfun's permissions to access hotel data in Cloudbeds will be verified there. The hotel will need to provide such permissions as follows:
            • Click on the "Connect!"
            • Enter Cloudbeds credentials and click the "Approve" button.
            • The Civitfun page will be reloaded and, if the step has been completed successfully, the "Connected" message will be displayed.
          • Currencies: The currency in which your services will be sold can be set here. The guest will be able to visualise the price in the selected currency and make the payment. Currencies available:
            • USD
            • Euros
            • Pounds
            • Button Generation: All the buttons needed to add to your website can be generated in this section. These buttons are generated in HTML, so anyone with programming expertise can edit the button.
          • Account information
            • Users: Multiple users to manage Civitfun can be created here. Simply create the new user and generate the credentials.
            • Transactional e-mail: The e-mail notifications for online check-in or service purchases are defined here.
            • Invoicing: All the information shown must be completed if you need to invoice your purchase.