Make your guests check-in easy

Online Check-in software for hotels, hostels and vacation rentals.

Why Civitfun

  • Fast check-in

    Reduce wait times at queue lines

  • Data control

    Manage your guests information

  • 100% digital

    Connect with your guests through any device

  • Easy to use

    Both for you and your guests

Offer your guests an integrated and secure online check-in

Very easy to complete, customizable with your brand, integrated with your PMS, encrypted and complying with the GDPR

Allow your guests to complete their check-in process without anyone from your team intervening until the arrival day. With Civitfun you will receive all the data completed by guests themselves in your PMS. In addition, you will get data such as the guest's email, always complying with the GDPR.

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Reception is an efficient tool for receptionists

Designed to complete the check-in process very quickly and avoid queues, simple to manage and access the list of guests of the day and integrated with your PMS

Made to improve the day to day of the receptionists. Help the receptionists to complete the check-in process at any hospitality property. It allows to see in real time the list of entries of the day. It includes an effective document scanner that allows a quick reading of any document. Agile, integrated with your PMS, designed for receptions with high mobility and totally responsive, since you can use it through mobile devices

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Kiosk is the solution to long waits at the reception of your hospitality property

Created to be used by guests who have just arrived in the hall of any hospitality property. Integrated with your PMS, responsive and very simple to complete

It is a complementary tool to the reception that solves the peak hours of the check-in time in your hospitality property. Fully autonomous, multi-language, suitable for installation on any mobile device or smart TV and reinforced with an efficient document scanner

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Customized mobile app for your hospitality property

Connect your hospitality property with your guest. Improves the guest experience by offering a complete digitalization

The guest can see any service offered at your hospitality property, check-in before arrival, chat with your staff, book activities at the destination, open the door with his own device, and much more

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Our integrations improve the experience of the guest and the hospitality properties

Our software is easy to integrated with any hospitality platform and we have an open and flexible approach to any integration that improves the day of our customers and partners.


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