Make your guests check-in easy

Online Check-in software for hotels, hostels and vacation rentals.


Why Civitfun

  • Fast check-in

    Reduce wait times at queue lines

  • Data control

    Manage your guests information

  • 100% digital

    Connect with your guests through any device

  • Easy to use

    Both for you and your guests

Offer your guests an integrated and secure online check-in

Very easy to complete, customizable with your brand, integrated with your PMS, encrypted and complying with the GDPR

Allow your guests to complete their check-in process without anyone from your team intervening until the arrival day. With Civitfun you will receive all the data completed by guests themselves in your PMS. In addition, you will get data such as the guest's email, always complying with the GDPR.

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Our integrations improve the experience of the guest and the hospitality properties

Our software is easy to integrated with any hospitality platform and we have an open and flexible approach to any integration that improves the day of our customers and partners.


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